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precision casting

precision casting

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Precision casting process is a casting method compared with traditional casting process. It can obtain relatively accurate shape and high casting precision. Common practice is: first according to the product requirements design and production (can leave a small amount of allowance or no allowance) of the mold, with the method of casting wax casting, access to the original wax mold; Repeat coating and sanding process on wax mold, hardening shell and drying; Then the internal wax mold is dissolved for dewaxing to obtain the cavity; Roasting the shell to obtain sufficient strength; Metal materials required for pouring; After dehulling, sand cleaning, so as to obtain high-precision finished products. Perform heat treatment and cold machining as required.
Investment precision casting process design
As with general casting process design, the tasks of investment casting process design are:
(1) analyze the process property of casting structure;
(2) select a reasonable process plan, determine the relevant casting process parameters, and draw the casting drawing on the basis of the above;
(3) design the pouring system and determine the module structure.
When considering the three aspects of the problem, the main basis is still the basic principles of general casting process, especially when determining the process scheme, process parameters (such as casting rounded corners, dial the reinforced slope, machining allowance, process, etc.), in addition to the specific data as a result of the investment precision casting process characteristics is slightly different, and the design principles and sand mold casting is exactly the same.

Precision casting

Investment casting process
Mold design, mold manufacturing, pressure wax (shoot wax wax models), fix the wax, wax tree (tree) wax module inspection - group - shell making (first moistening slurry, spray sand, pulp, with the final form air drying) - dewaxing (steam dewaxing) -- - casting mold shell roasting - elasticity analysis (within the shell mould casting molten steel) -- - casting and casting rod cutting vibration exuviate separation - mill gate - test (blank check) -- -- the shotblast cleaning machine, polishing, finished goods inspection, warehousing
The production process of investment casting can be divided into wax pressing, shell making, pouring, post-treatment and inspection.
Wax pressing includes wax pressing, wax trimming and tree setting.
Shell including hanging sand, hanging pulp, air - drying.
Pouring includes roasting, chemical analysis (playing spectrum), pouring, shaking shell, cutting gate, grinding gate.
Post-treatment includes sand blasting, shot blasting, correction, pickling.

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