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The contrast characteristics of precision casting

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The contrast characteristics of precision casting

Date of release:2016-07-27 Author:Gansu su bo ka jie new material technology co. LTD Click:

Precision casting is what method, which is a major problem, and we can know is for special processing way and relatively focus on features some detailed form of precision casting, it is our detailed decomposition and casting of some main ways, for this form of construction and found out that our itself generated by the relative form of painting on a certain level can let we have a series of product development, we have to take some advantage complementary way to carry out the corresponding strategies of rational forms of special performance,For the average level of the advantage of the complex principle can take on uninterrupted processing characteristics is formulated on the basis of an alternative form of casting and the development of characteristic performance, so we have to use a kind of new method and the specific ideas to the corresponding explanation, explanation of the casting solution, some common conditions that can take on certain execution process of marketing is not generally the precision of the processing characteristics of varieties, for such change our casting types or has certain extensibility and mining,Such coating should achieve what we have on certain recommended some detailed features, in a certain extend our production scale is also has certain conciliatory, to a large extent the features we need classification is a kind of expansion and general definition of sex is what we have to follow up the mining of a kind of basic characteristic.

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The key adjustment method of precision casting is that we disperse the focus of measurement, which is also the superior nature of our big problem. At the level of precision, we should pay attention to the corresponding punches according to different types of product structure, and such products are what our customers need.

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