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Precision casting features advantage!

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Precision casting features advantage!

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Casting is a kind of metal hot processing technology which is grasped earlier by human beings. Casting is the method of casting liquid metal into the casting cavity which is suitable for the shape of parts and then cooling and condensing to obtain parts or blank. Precision casting with the main advantages of the following five, following the precision casting manufacturers small make up to understand it.

1. The precision of precision casting specification is high, the general linear tolerance is 1%, the viewpoint tolerance is: 1/2 degree, the surface finish is up to ra1.6-3.2, which can save material and machining costs.

2. Precision casting can produce parts with messy shapes, or cast multiple parts into a whole, saving the need for combination or welding.

3, precision casting can be cast on the surface of the product exquisite text or LOGO image, product image.

4. Precision casting materials are widely used in heat resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and the hardness of the materials can reach hrc15-60 to meet the requirements of various working conditions.

Precision foundry

   5, casting production batch flexible, from a small amount to a large number of production can be, high efficiency, good repeatability; Mould cost is low, product development initial stage invests little.

Bulk production or long-term production of the shaping of the product selection of multi-box modeling, split box modeling method is more appropriate, although the beginning of the mold, sand box investment is high, but can be saved from modeling man-hours, moving product quality compensation. Low pressure casting, die casting, centrifugal casting and other casting methods, because of the expensive equipment and mold, so only suitable for mass production. The condition method should be suitable for example, also is the production of large machine tool bed casting, generally choose core modeling method, do not make appearance and sand box, core in the pit; And other factories choose the sand box modeling method, production looks.

Different production conditions (including equipment, site, staff quality, etc.), production habits, accumulated experience are different, according to these conditions should be considered suitable to do what products and not suitable (or not) to do what products. The casting precision required and cost obtained by various casting methods are different, the initial investment and production rate are also inconsistent, and the ultimate economic benefits are also different. Therefore, to do more, faster, better, province, we should take into account all aspects. The initial cost of the casting method chosen should be budgeted in order to determine the casting method with high economic benefits and to ensure the casting requirements.

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