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Silica sol is being used in precision casting range!

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Silica sol is being used in precision casting range!

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Silica sol is being used in the precision casting range, silica sol is being used as a secondary binder in precision casting coating, and can be used as surface coating and reinforcement coating of shell. When used for thin shell precision casting, it can make shell high strength, high precision, good brightness of casting, better quality than sodium silicate, and cheaper than ethyl silicate. For heavy castings, where nominal brightness is required and where allowance or less is required, this is particularly useful. Small particles of silica sol used in precision casting, replacing ethyl silicate, can only be elevated into no. Small particles of silica sol used in precision casting, replacing ethyl silicate, can not only increase profits, but also improve the rest environment. The use of silica sol as a coating of low temperature resistance for mold casting can make the insulation layer keep excellent heat resistance and wear resistance, reduce the consumption of last of the melted non-metal at low temperature, and do not help to release the mold. In precision casting, silica sol is used as a secondary binder for casting coating. It can be used as surface coating and reinforcement coating for shell.

(1) once completely different from the gradual shape, the size of the non-metallic expansion of the foam mold is preserved in the mold, forming a solid mold, but not a cavity mold is conservative sand.

(2) the foam mold can be formed in pieces and then stop binding. According to pouring environment summary: general missing die smelting and vacuum missing die precision casting compared with conservative sand casting, a small amount of consumption missing. Once a casting is made, a once a foam mold is lost. The shape of the mold (that is, the casting shape) is not subject to any constraints at all.

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(3) during pouring, the foam mold is being synthesised and gasified under the action of low-temperature solid non-metal, and the replacement process of the non-metal mold occurs, while the filling process of once-solid non-metal is not like the conservative cavity precision casting.

(4) the sand mold is dry quartz sand without binder, moisture or any external substance. In the coming decade, the precision casting industry in this country will face a new stagnate time and challenge. Stop the heavy cupola above 10 tons/hour, and adopt the external hot air supply and water-cooled lining to work gradually according to the demand; Induction furnace double casting process; The cupola dehumidification and air supply skills will be promoted, and the cupola price will be improved to increase dust removal and installation and reduce wind consumption. Enhance the foundry industry of the fundamental research and use of research, precision casting business in many non-metallic data are universal and crucial, so should pay attention to the process of research and improvement, and simultaneously to enhance the data process and computer simulation and other conservative skills of the adoption of solid quality goods. To this end, China is changing the domestic casting market is not high skill content, expensive abstract change priority among priorities. To deepen the study of heavy steel casting and casting process.

On practice, international overdo emphasizes to solve sluggish new data and ignore the range such as general key data technology conceiving and quality is firm to study, and a lot of achievement on consumptive facility go out however over there, the eddy current turbine runner data that if 3 gorges USES. It is necessary to help a number of casting enterprises which are at a disadvantage to make changes to the handlebar enterprises which are pulling Chinese casting imports with domestic cooperation. The adoption of refining skills, gas shield casting skills, AOD refining skills and the selection of suitable refractory materials can improve the turbidity of castings and improve the quality of castings. Gradually reduce and eliminate small cupola, progress in energy saving and emission reduction power, manufacturing green precision casting industry. To this end, Chinese castings are changing the domestic market without high skill content.

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