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What is the method of precision casting of silica sol?

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What is the method of precision casting of silica sol?

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The methods of silica sol precision casting include sand casting, special casting, precision casting and V casting. General silica sol precision casting what are the methods?

Silica sol precision casting belongs to investment casting. The method of silica sol precision casting is as follows:

1. Firstly, make the mold according to the shape of the silica sol casting parts;

2. Use the silica sol casting mold to produce the same wax mold as the parts;


3. Put the wax model into the pulp made of silica sol and quartz sand. There will be a layer of pulp on the wax model, and then it will solidify.

4. Dewaxing, the model is put into hot water, the wax will melt and float on the water surface, leaving the mold shell;

5. Casting and forming.

Silica sol precision casting in use will effectively make its hydraulic metal can better fill the cavity, improve casting precision to prevent the defects of air holes, insufficient pouring.

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