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How does the tapping hole of aluminum alloy die casting remove the chips? - precision gravity casting mold

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How does the tapping hole of aluminum alloy die casting remove the chips? - precision gravity casting mold

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Tapping hole is an important process of many aluminum alloy die castings processing, almost all can not directly set the zinc alloy die castings which good company figure out the hole, is the need to process out. Along with the customer's request more and more high, each kind of solid strength high, the precision is high, the processing difficulty is high, the unit price high product appears unceasingly. The drilling depth, precision and efficiency of aluminum alloy die casting are becoming more and more demanding. In a word, the drilling will be an important process in the die casting factory.

And drilling, the bigger difficulty, it is estimated that how to drain out the debris.

I wonder if this kind of hollow drill can effectively solve the chip removal problem in deep hole processing.

Precision foundry

Of course, lanzhou precision processing in addition to not good chip removal, there are many of his difficulties.

First of all, because of the location of the die casting hole is too deep, there is no way to directly observe the processing inside, only some parameters of the machine tool, sound, debris and so on to determine the processing.

Then, the heat conduction problem is also very big, not very good solution, although there is cutting fluid, but the hole is too deep effect is not necessarily so good.

Third, the drill bit is long, the strength is poor, and easy to vibration, it is easy to tilt, affect the accuracy and efficiency.

Therefore, it is very important for die castings to drill holes for tapping, and the die casting factory must pay attention to it.

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