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How to prevent the defects of cast aluminum by silica sol casting!

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How to prevent the defects of cast aluminum by silica sol casting!

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The defects of the cast aluminum parts are mainly shown as follows

1. Unreasonable casting structure design, sharp Angle and wide variation of casting wall thickness

2. Poor yielding of sand mold (core)

3. Local overheating of the casting mold

4. Pouring temperature is too high

5. Remove the casting from the self-casting mold too early

6. Excessive heat treatment or over heating, excessive cooling speed

Methods to prevent aluminum casting defects:

Precision foundry

1. Improve casting structure design, avoid sharp Angle, strive for uniform wall thickness, smooth transition

2. Take measures to increase the concessibility of sand mold (core)

3. Ensure that all parts of the casting are solidified at the same time or in sequence, and improve the design of the casting system

4. Lower casting temperature appropriately

5. Control mold cooling time.

6. Thermal correction method shall be adopted for casting deformation.

7. Correctly control the heat treatment temperature and reduce the quenching and cooling speed

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