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Precision casting processing factory

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Precision casting processing factory

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Casting is a kind of hot metal processing technology which has been mastered by human beings for about 6000 years. China entered the heyday of bronze casting around 1700 ~ 1000 BC, and reached a high level in technology. Casting is a method in which liquid metal is poured into a casting cavity corresponding to the shape of the part, and after it is cooled and solidified, the part or blank is obtained. Most of the cast materials are metals (e.g., copper, iron, aluminum, tin, lead, etc.) that were once solid but heated to liquid state, while the casting materials can be sand, metal or even ceramics. Depending on the requirements, different methods will be used.

Casting is a kind of hot metal processing technology which has been mastered by human beings for about 6000 years. China entered the heyday of bronze casting around 1700 ~ 1000 BC, and reached a high level in technology. Foundry is the process of melting a solid metal into a liquid form and pouring it into a mold of a certain shape for solidification. The cast metals are: copper, iron, aluminum, tin, lead, etc. The ordinary cast materials are raw sand, clay, water glass, resin and other auxiliary materials. The special casting includes investment casting, lost foam casting, metal casting and ceramic casting. (raw sand includes: quartz sand, magnesia sand, zirconium sand, ferrochrome sand, magnesium olivine sand, orchid sand, graphite sand, iron sand, etc.)

In the early

Precision casting processing factory

The Chinese shang dynasty si muwu fang ding weighing 875 kilograms, the warring states period zeng houyi zun pan, the western han dynasty through the light mirror, are ancient casting representative products.Most of the early castings were tools or utensils for agricultural production, religion and life, with strong artistic color.At that time, the casting process was developed in parallel with the pottery making process, which was greatly influenced by pottery.

The development of

China in 513 BC, the world's first recorded in the written records of the casting of cast iron - jin ding, weighing about 270 kilograms.Europe also began to produce cast iron around the eighth century.The appearance of cast iron expanded the application scope of castings.For example, in the 15th and 17th centuries, Germany, France and other countries laid many cast iron pipes to provide drinking water to the residents.After the industrial revolution in the 18th century, the rise of steam engine, textile machine and railway industry, casting into a new era of service for large industries, casting technology began to have a great development.

In modern times

In the 20th century, the development of casting is very fast, one of the important factors is the progress of product technology, casting requires a variety of mechanical and physical properties are better, but still have good mechanical processing properties;Another reason is that the development of machinery industry and other industries such as chemical industry and instrument industry creates favorable material conditions for the foundry industry.For example, the development of detection means ensures the improvement and stability of casting quality and provides conditions for the development of casting theory.The invention of electron microscope helps people to go deep into the micro world of metal, explore the mystery of metal crystallization, study the theory of metal solidification, and guide casting production.

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