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Requirements of precision casting industry for precision casting processing

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Requirements of precision casting industry for precision casting processing

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Precision casting refers to the general term for the process of obtaining precise size castings. Compared with the traditional sand casting process, precision casting can obtain more accurate sizes and better surface finish, including investment casting, ceramic casting, metal casting, pressure casting and lost foam casting.

Precision casting foundry industry is the world leader, as a representative of the foundry industry in high-tech field, a model of precision casting must play its role and take the lead role, but the precision casting to give play to the role of the two big premise is strong, so the precision casting in our country should be the priority of development, development needs to be established policy and development goal, precision casting industry is the development goal of the following aspects:

First, the finish on the pattern of economic growth by labor and resource intensive to technology, capital intensive, from the extensive polluting to green intensive, product quality, variety, quantity, and the world advanced level, the rapid increase of the proportion of high quality material the whole precision casting factory production efficiency and economic benefit have multiplied; Environmental pollution has been effectively controlled, and China's foundry material industry system which is in harmony with the environment has been preliminarily established.

Precision casting

Second, the formation of a number of reasonable structure, the overall level of research and development of industry-university-research and education and training base, can continue to send professional talents to enterprises, continue to develop high-quality, high-grade new casting materials, to meet the growing need for casting materials, and gradually increase the strength of technology export.

Third, it is necessary to complete the adjustment of industrial structure and eliminate a number of small precision casting factories with low technical level, poor product quality, serious pollution and poor economic benefits, so as to form relatively concentrated "small giant" and "star enterprises" and realize "specialized and large-scale" production. In particular, one or two key enterprises that can compete with world-renowned enterprises should be established. With high technical level, sophisticated process and equipment, abundant capital and advanced management level, they can continuously provide high-grade and high-quality casting materials to the market with a high market share.

If the precision casting industry can achieve the above development goals and strengthen itself, then the precision casting industry will be able to play its pioneering and leading role in the casting industry and drive the development of the casting industry.

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